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Zavala is a small fishing village on the south side of the island of Hvar. It is surrounded by a beautiful environment, a large amount of beaches and crystal clear seawater. It is a very poular beach resort and comes to life in the summer months. It is approximately 7 km away from Jelsa and 32 km from the main town of Hvar. You can find two pizza parlours, a few restaurants, a cocktail bar, a beach bar, and a wellness centre and you can also hire a rib.Hvar-Zavala-Scedro-Island-Hvar-06Hvar-Zavala-Scedro-Island-Hvar-01 Even the arrival in Zavala is an adventure. You come through a single lane, hand carved tunnel which is regulated by sensors. It feels like driving through a grotto and builds up the excitement. At the exit of the tunnel you get rewarded by breathtaking views over the deep blue adriatic sea, the small island of Scedro, the island of Korcula and the island of Vis as well as the large peninsula of Peljesac.Hvar-Zavala-Scedro-Island-Hvar-03Hvar-Zavala-Scedro-Island-Hvar-05 Previously Zavala has been referred to as „Pitovska Plaža“ (beach of Pitve), where the villagers of Pitve, which is the village in the mountains on the other side of the tunnel, had their land. Nowadays Zavala has about 150 residents which mainly work in fishing, farming or tourism. The old part of Zavala is not right at the beach but further up the mountain because people previously didn not like to live to close to the sea due to fear of pirates.
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